The HSE planning, is based on the following prinsipals:

  • Commitment of the senior management to performe the HSE laws in all the levels.
  • The belief of the management is based on this origin that the accidents are avoidable & all of the members are commited to this as well.
  • In applying the human sources, this commitment to the HSE principals is a rule.
  • Training the personnel the pricipals of HSE is one of the priorities of the company.
  • Practicing the principals of HSE in the working place and workshops is under control and supervision.
  • The human sources are the keystone of the optimal practice of the HSE programs.
To meet these goals and regarding that the security culture is a complex set of beliefs, knowledge & behaviors of the people that keeps them safe from the accidents & dangers, the senior management of the company is planning to train the as a job's skill which prevents them from physical & economic damages caused by the accidents.
So that the personnel & company activities will be accomplished in a secure situation without any harm to the workers and nature.