The research & development (R&D) department of the company consisting of experienced and young active personnels is inline with the aims and policies of the company.Some of the duties of this department is as following:

  • Effort to identify the latest telecom achievements of the world and introducing it to Iran's telecom market
  • Vernacularization of latest technologies of the world
  • Cloning of the equipments & imported systems.
  • Designing & constructing the required systems for the Iran's telecom industry
  • Designing & producing the required software for the Iran's telecom industry
  • Providing a suitable situation for doing practiced researches according to the country's telecom requirements.
    To mention one of the achievements of this department we can point to the designing & constructing the Supervisiory system and alarm management system which has been applied successfully to several telecom centers of our country.
Some of the researching plans of the company is as followed:
fiber optic SV network design with OTDR (RFTS), making of optic power source and equipments, designing & producing smart digging announcers the line of fiber optic.